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American Management Corporation (parent company) started in 1984 by Steve Strange Sr in Morrilton, Arkansas.  American Management Control Systems (AMCS Global) started in 1987 monitoring and verifying certificates of insurance for major oil companies retail locations in the United States. Between 1987 and 1992 AMCS Global built a client list that included but not limited to Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, BP, and United States Steel, monitoring over 30,000 locations and vendors all over the world.  AMCS Global has expanded services from insurance monitoring to a holistic vendor management system that helps our clients with OSHA, HSE, Safety Questionnaire, Insurance certificates, and converting company documents to digital forms.

American Management Control Systems specializes in collecting, verifying, and monitoring insurance certificates, OSHA, HSE, Pre-qualifying and Safety questionnaires of your vendors, suppliers, leases, franchisees and subcontractors.

AMCS provides risk management services for corporations whose affiliated operating entities are required to maintain certain specified insurance coverage. AMCS monitors each operating unit’s insurance coverage, compares it to the minimum insurance requirements of the corporation and reports its status to the corporation through a secured web site or reports as required. AMCS helps eliminate any areas of non-compliance, if necessary, and reduces the risk of losses to the corporation from lawsuits that should have been covered by insurance.

With one of AMCS’s long-term customers, less than ten percent of the services stations met the corporation’s minimum insurance requirements at the time of our contractual relationship began. Today, the percentage of station operators meeting that customer’s minimum insurance requirements is one hundred percent.

The service proved to be valuable to many other customers too. In fact, AMCS has been awarded Shell Oil Company’s “Quality Supplier of the Year” award on three different occasions.

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