AMCS Introduces New Compliance Tool for Individual 3rd Party Vendors

AMCS Global launches first ever individual 3rd Party compliance plan

Conway, AR — January, 2019

AMCS Global just released a brand-new online ‘Ready To Workforce’ compliance platform designed to help individual 3rd Party vendors and subcontractors across all industries effectively qualify for more jobs, reach compliance for new types of work, and sell their services to bigger clients. Members enter a Compliance Strategy program with interactive lessons, gain access to a series of live and pre-recorded webinars, online compliance education material, and they receive industry updates on the latest regulatory updates.

Mendy Dixon, VP of AMCS Global said, “By enrolling in the AMCS Ready To Workforce you gain an advantage over the competition because you’ve automated that part of your business. You’re taking a large amount of paperwork off your plate, especially for growing businesses. As your business grows, the paperwork grows with you. But it shouldn’t. Our goal in releasing this new individual compliance program is to create a very affordable way for small service companies to reach compliance and compete for bigger, better jobs. Our goal is to level the playing field when it comes to the American workforce bidding and winning jobs. AMCS Ready To Workforce is designed to directly help grow small contractors, service companies, and other 3rd party vendors.

AMCS first created this compliance program in 1987, but it was only available to large corporations and businesses on the enterprise level. This newly released individual subscription model of Ready To Workforce contains compliance resources that apply to all types of industries.

“AMCS Ready To Workforce for individual 3rd party vendors and service companies is the first opportunity of its kind to provide industry leading compliance to individual businesses, live support and training, and the opportunity for smaller 3rd parties to qualify for more jobs. They’ll now be able to compete for bigger and better jobs. My goal is to provide growth opportunities for any vendor who is looking to grow. They’ll have the qualifications needed to bid and win bigger jobs, meet the compliance standards of those bigger jobs, and that will open the door allowing them to expand their businesses, increase incomes, and positively affect lives.” — Vance Strange, President, AMCS

The cost of AMCS Ready To Workforce for individual companies is $99 a year/per service.

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