Appetite for risk?


Vance Strange with AMCS Global, here! In our world of unforeseen, often devastating hazards, every company should know their appetite for risk. What risks, you ask?
The ongoing, unknown risks surrounding your 3rd party vendors. It doesn’t matter what type of 3rd party. They all carry specific risks. And the risks your company doesn’t proactively protect are a part of your risk appetite.
And any of them can cost your company hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars.
30 years of success in the risk control industry boils down to a single action for us.
Become 100% aware of your risks and you can remain 100% compliant.
AMCS Global wants to help your company achieve this success. To get started, I’m giving you our AMCS Loss Control Class for free.
 We’ll be sending you quick, educational lessons to help your company take a leap towards a new kind of peace of mind.
Get your first lesson, Introduction to AMCS Loss Control, and increase your company’s risk awareness. No cost. No
obligation. No sales letters. You can thank us later!
Best regards,
Vance Strange
President, AMCS Global | (501) 932-5824



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