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Protecting Your Assets with a Strategy


Vicarious liability holds you accountable for any uncovered 3rd party damages.

Certificates of Insurance help provide you with protection against losses due to workplace accidents, injuries, and misconduct.

Failure to properly collect, review, and monitor 3rd party certificates of insurance for all ongoing updates could have disastrous results.


Check your certificates


A certificate of insurance has sections for the different types of insurance: general liability, auto, umbrella, workers’ compensation. Here is your checklist.


  • Insured’s name and mailing address
  • Insured’s insurance agent | mailing address
  • Agency’s contact person | name of insurers
  • Operations insured will perform
  • Name and address of certificate holder
  • Insurer’s obliged notification if canceled
  • Insured’s policy number, effective date
  • Limits provided for each type of coverage
  • Limits for employer’s liability coverages


Problems you may face


  • Incomplete certificate of insurance
  • Certificate misrepresents actual policy
  • Incorrectly labeling additional insured
  • Listing incorrect endorsements
  • Policy, form, and/or regulation changes


The Proactive Page

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