What if you had this advantage over the competition?

What if you could offer a new, extremely valuable service that lands you larger clients? Big insurance houses spend tons of money on a proven program like this.

We’ve provided insurance certificate monitoring to Fortune 100 companies globally for over 30 years. Our clients have put hundreds of millions of dollars on their bottom lines as a result. Now, you get access to our services for a limited time.

Our proven, 3 Step WEBVIEW Program protects client assets and helps defend against their 3rd party liabilities.

We have a 4 Part Training Series available. This will help you educate and effectively sell these services to your insureds. It doesn’t matter what industry they’re in. Our systems work.

3 Ways To Land More Clients

  1. Provide proven services that other agents can’t. Land the accounts.
  2. Minimize your loss ratio. Maximize your bonuses.
  3. Deliver great services. Maximize renewals.

Ready to reach new levels with AMCS Global? You’re just a click away.


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