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Solutions Page

Have you ran into problems with certificates of insurance? No endorsements? Wrong Additional Insured? Certificates of insurance are extremely important to you as the business owner or 3rd party contractor. They must reflect the insurance policy in place. And they must be completely correct.

Here are some problems with certificates of insurance and your solutions.

  1. Incomplete certificate of insurance – Double check that your business name matches the exact one on the certificate. Sign the document and check all of the relevant boxes.
  2. Certificate misrepresents actual policy – Make sure that the policy on your certificate of insurance accurately reflects the insurance policy required. Check coverage and limits, additional insured, and in case of construction companies, the scope of the environmental insurance coverage.
  3. Listing incorrect endorsements – This is directly related to your additional insured. Endorsements must be labeled correctly to ensure everyone is properly protected from unforeseen risks.
  4. Being unaware of a policy, form, or regulation change – Policies, insurance forms, and regulations are always changing. It’s your responsibility, as the certificate of insurance holder, to stay informed and compliant with all changes as they occur in real-time. A smart approach? Have your agent connect you with a professional team to monitor your certificates and keep you up-to-date.


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