COI Quick Guide

Your COI Quick Guide

You are building your business for success. As your company grows, you naturally take on bigger responsibilities, a larger workforce, and more liabilities to track. Whether you operate single or multiple locations, there’s one fact that remains. Exposed third-party liabilities could shut it all down. Having this quick guide is a valuable tool to help protect your assets.

Check your certificate. A certificate of insurance has sections for the different types of insurance: general liability, auto, umbrella, worker’s compensation. Here is a checklist to get you started.

       1. Name of Insured

       2. Location/mailing address

       3. Policy number & term dates

       4. Liability limits & boxes checked for all required coverage

       5. Required wording for additional insured and waiver of subrogation

       6. Attached endorsements

       7. Name and address of certificate holder

       8. Insurer & agent’s information

       9. Issue date of Certificate of Insurance

Important Note: There are details particular to each type of business and the operations they perform. Ask an agent about your obligations or contact us with questions.

Your COI Quick Guide [PDF]

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